The Tile Awards

Tile of Spain Architecture and Interior Design and Final Degree Project AwardsThe Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association, otherwise knowns as ASCER has announced a brand new edition of the Tile of Spain Architecture and Interior Design and Final Degree Project Awards. This will mark the fifteenth edition of the monumental awards, which will feature an impressive panel of internationally acclaimed and known professional judges who are all experts in the industry, specifically the architecture and design sectors. Among these judges is this year’s chairmen, Portuguese architect Gonçalo Byrne. Byrne is the recipient and proud holder of a slew of accolades including the Gold Medal of the French Academy of Architecture and Rome’s Piranesi Award.

In addition, there are panel members such as Elisa Valero who is a well known Professor at the Granada School of Architecture; Iñaqui Carnicero, a visiting lecturer at Cornell University and organizer of the Spanish Pavilion exhibition at the XV Venice Biennale; Nani Marquina, a president of the Professional Design Association and world renound designed; Nuno Brandão Costa, a Portuguese architect with an impressive number of exhibitions and events under his belt, including the Venice Biennale; Ramón Monfort. He is also a guest and regular lecturer at various schools of architecture and universities; and finally, Ricardo Sánchez Lampreave, another exhibition organizer and a highly prolific specialized media editor.

The Tile awards promotes and encourages the use of the high quality and distinctive Spanish ceramic tiles in architecture and interior design domestically and worldwide. Vodafone, Port Authority of Valencia and CESCE proudly sponsor the events and what the event stands for.

The registration period is underway from now until the deadline of October 26, 2016. Participants have the opportunity to win a prize fund of upwards of 39,000 euros which is spread across three unique categories. Two of the main categories are Architecture and Interior Design, which each boast an impressive 17,000 euro prize. The main contest requirement and the main criteria is the use of a Spanish ceramic tile and the incorporation of these tiles into the entry. The third and final category is the Final Degree Project which offers a 500 euro prize to Architecture students.