Comenza Glass Railings and Accessories

Comenza Glass Railings and AccessoriesGlass railing systems are increasingly popular in present day architecture and provide many benefits including panaromanic views and timeless elegance. In Spain, there are so many views, and breathtaking sunsets. The country prides itself on complex, unique and impressive architecture. Comenza provides durable glass railings that are equipped with a sturdy and reliable anchoring system. Comenza’s products offer the perfect balance between elegance and durability, providing customers the ability to create their own panoramic views in their back yard without compromising any product reliability or safety as the products are equipped with laminated glass and unique anchoring systems. The products are easy to care for and to install. The diverse offerings include:


Glassfit products are a range of different profiles, fittings and accessories for glass railings. The products are guaranteed to be the best design, transparency and level of safety in the industry.


This line of products includes stainless steel post railings that are round in shape and have a glass, tube or cable infill. The sleek design is practical and offers safety and reliability.


This line is self explanatory, offering square shaped fititngs for stainless steel post railings. Also invludes glass, tube or cable infills.


This is a diverse range of profiles and brackets for stainless steel and wooden hanndails. The shapes include square, round and/or rectangular.


This is an exclusive line/collection of profiles, brackets and accessories that assist with handrail installation. This line is unique as it features LED lighting which offers an impressive look and finish.


This is where a customer can find everything they need to install Comenza’s railing systems. This includes screws, installation and other tools, adhesives, nails and other items.

Other Fittings

Hand rails, foot rails and door handles are not beyond this range of offerings. Customers can find all the fittings, accessories and parts for their ad hoc or additional Comenza product installation.