Revista Seccion is an online publication that offers insight into the world of architecture and construction in Spain. The Spanish site is perfect for any architecture lover, students, enthusiasts or those simply looking for information. The content varies from architecture news to construction news to product reviews and information to sustainability in the industry all the way to architecture software. Essentially the site is a one stop shop for all things architecture and construction. Content is updated regularly and articles and pieces are warmly welcome from those in the industry or community. Contributors can send their articles through any of the site’s means of contact or social media and the site is happy to feature these relevant articles.

The site was founded on the basis of a love for Spanish architecture. Spain is known worldwide for its architecture, boasting beautiful basilicas, churches, streets, houses and buildings. The country’s architecture is full of stories and history and yet somehow the nation has managed to combine the old with the new, the modern with the historical to create edgy and interesting architecture nationwide. This online publication helps promote this and helps spread the passion and love for the country’s architecture and the stories it tells.

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