8th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning Exhibition

8th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning ExhibitionOn July 19th, 2016, “Alternativas/alternatives” was opened at the temporary exhibition room of the Palace of Charles V. The exhibition was that of the 8th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning. The exhibition featured and highlighted award winning works, research and projects that were selected by 8th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning (BEAU). The following categories were selected and highlighted: Architectonic acts and projects, Research and Dissemination and Final Thesis. The event takes place in Granada until October when it will move all the way to New York.

The exceptional service at the exhibition is provided by a Spanish company called Alhambra Hostesses. They have provided hoispitality and hostessing services for the entirety of the exhibition.

Among the attention received and the high profile attendees was the Deputy Director General of Architecture, Housing and Land; Directorate General of Architecture; Ministry of Development; the Mayor of Granada ; the President of CSCAE and the Director of the Patronato de la Alhambra in Granada. The exhibition is receiving impressive attention as it features the best of the best in terms of Spanish architecture. The archictecture is of such high quality that it has been recently awarded with the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennial XV. The awards ceremony took place at Carlos V Palace in Alhambra.

The jury of the XIII BEAU has recognized the work behind 89 projects including:

  • 22 Heritage, Planning and Innovation Architectural projects of a total 449 applicants and proposals from Spanish Architects.
  • 15 Research projects as well as recognizing 32 dissemination publications, exhibitions, scholarly articles and blogs.
  • 20 Thesis projects of a total 72 applicant that were selected specifically in order to support and promote the talent, skills and potential of young Spanish architects. These projects are exposed in the Sala La Arquería of Madrid as of last June.